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    Has anyone found a way to use the Venus2k with Fleshlights?

    Ive seen sparse information online years back regarding successes but haven’t actually seen what they did to make it work

    Abco – find a way to make an attachment or product to make this work and ill buy a ton of them!


    I can’t see how you could combine with a Fleshlight, anything would need to fit in the receiver in order to work and the Fleshlight sleeve is way too big . . .


    I know how to make it work and it works fantastic.
    1. You have to drill a hole in the side of the Fleshlight barrel in the narrow part right above the shoulder flare. Screw in a male pneumatic fitting (chosen as it fits the hose off of the venus). I believe mine had a 1/2″ NPT male thread so the hole I drilled was 1/2″ also.
    2. Now, you have to open the small end cap, of the Fleshlight receiver, exposing the distal end of the Fleshlight sleeve.
    3. Cut the end off of small disposable water bottle so that you have what looks like a funnel with the threaded end being the funnel spout. The flared end should be a diameter that can fit in the distal end of the Fleshlight receiver.
    4. Cut a 3″ section of liner material and stretch if over the distal end of the receiver so that it covers up the holes in the treaded end and push the remaining part into the back side of the Fleshlight sleeve.
    5. Now insert your ‘funnel’ so that the threaded end is down in the Fleshlight sleeve and held somewhat in place by the inverted liner material.
    6. Now place the end cap of your Venus receiver (has the little valve) over the end of your Fleshlight receiver. Note: You may have to order one if your’s is too big or too small. They have one that fits perfectly.
    7. Plug in your Venus tube to the pneumatic fitting and turn the system on.
    Note: This thing is unreal with the loosest sleeve, no texture, that Fleshlight makes.
    8. Observe the sucking of this fantastic modification.
    9. Lube up and insert your penis. (I found a way to suspend this so it stays in place)
    10. Lastly, put your socks in a safe place, because your are likely to loose them along the way:-)
    I’ll try to post some pictures to help you out.
    Lastly, I’ve been trying for years to emulate what my wonderful wife does to me all time. This is the closest that I’ve found.


    It sounds like you are using the fleshlight case as the receiver (instead of the normal Venus receiver and liner) by connecting it to the pump? I can’t visualize exactly what you did. Hope you can post a couple pictures. I wouldn’t mind trying it but can’t completely understand your adaption.


    Ok, I took some pictures and provided details on how this works.
    I just don’t know how to get them out on this site.

    For Walt et al, I am using the FL receiver instead of the V2000.

    On part 5 of the procedure, when you install the ‘funnel’ a good fit will be if you can see daylight from the entrance of the FL sleeve by looking in the back. That means one has a clear path for air transfer.

    If I can figure out to get pictures to you, I’ll get them out.

    Perhaps a moderator can help me. I just want to put them out as attachments, not web links.


    Thanks- I can’t figure out how to post a picture either-not very “user friendly”. perhaps you can use the yahoo site? I posted a picture on there tonight of my set-up of the stroker sleeve.


    I just got the stroker sleeve from Venus and put it inside a 2.50 receiver. AWESOME man. I wanted the direct contact with the sleeve and it is Wow Wow Wow. I wish the liner sleeve came in longer lengths so you could custom fit like you can the liner material because the head of my penis pushes thru on the down-stroke. But really awesome if you can use the 2.50 liner and receiver.


    your making it too complicated. it’s actually very simple.

    What you need is your Receiver, 4″ of liner, and the Fleshlight case with no end cap. For the standard fleshlight, I use a 2″ receiver, and 4″ of 2″ liner. Place the liner over the end of the receiver, then slide the fleshlight into the liner so that the liner covers the ends of the receiver and the fleshlight case. This seals the air gap between the two.

    For the Sex-in-a-can series, use a 2.5″ receiver and liner.

    you do not get as long of a stroke as the receiver will give you by itself, but it works well enough.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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