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Is this really worth the hype?

YES! Venus for Men is a hands-free stroking, sucking, pulsating fantasy in a box. Nothing else even comes close. Some guys use it for quick relief in just minutes, and some use it for hours at a time while they watch TV or cruise the web. Some men use it 4 or 5 times a day, while others may use it only once a month. Most guys wouldn’t trade it back if offered twice their money back.

Can I try out the Venus?

We’re very comfortable offering our exclusive 45-day trial period with a HASSLE-FREE return policy. If it turns out that it’s not for you, there is a minimal $186 return fee, and you get to keep your custom receiver for manual use. If you are in the majority, you will probably consider it one of the best investments you ever made.

Will the Venus cause me to get an erection?

The continuous stroking and sucking action of the receiver will cause many guys to get hard when they otherwise cannot. Some men are amazed they can still get erections. Second, since Venus can be used as a pump, it can cause you to get greater engorgement than ever before. Venus is powerful enough to fully engorge, but not so powerful that it can cause harm as some systems do. (Good discretion is always advised.) When used as a pump, the suction created will draw blood into your penis to cause full engorgement. By using some liner material around the base of the penis as a cock ring, some men can maintain the erection for an extended period, even long enough to have intercourse.

How can I have an orgasm without an erection?

It is virtually impossible to masturbate by hand or have intercourse without a partial erection. Because Venus draws you in, an erection isn’t required. A properly fitted receiver doesn’t distinguish between an erect or flaccid penis. If you have an erection, the receiver will move up and down the shaft hands-free. If you are flaccid, the receiver must be held in place by hand, and it compacts the penis into the end and then pulls it out to full length. What you feel is the same, with or without an erection. Most guys can have orgasms without ever getting an erection and find it to be dynamically satisfying.

How long will the liner in the receiver last?

Rubber tires do wear out on a car, and how quickly is usually determined by the amount they are used. The same applies to the liner material. It is easy to install, and replacement cost is minimal. The housing should last indefinitely.

I’m allergic to latex. Is that an issue?

No. Even though the liner material is made from dry natural rubber, the process used to manufacture the liner eliminates the ingredients suspected to cause allergic reactions in most individuals.

What kind of packaging does the Venus ship in?

The Venus ships directly to your door (or P.O. box for an added fee) in a discrete, unmarked box from Abco Research.

Does the Venus make a lot of noise?

Venus makes very little noise. If sound is a concern, utilizing some sort of covering over the Venus would muffle the motor.

How do I get my Venus fixed if there’s an issue?

After the Venus warranty has expired, repair service is available. The Venus consumable parts are quite affordable, so there is no need to be concerned with parts or repair. If a repair is needed, please contact us.

Do you offer any products for women?

Women may also enjoy the nipple massagers, available as an accessory for Venus. The massagers offer unique stimulation to nipples and the clitoris. (Venus machine required for use.)


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