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Nothing Does It Better

Venus For Men is a next-level innovation in the world of self-stimulation. While some say it may be even better than the “real thing,” what we know for sure is that you won’t find anything else so custom and personalized to your pleasure.

What Makes Venus Out of This World?

Personalized Stroking Pace

We get it – you’re not always in the mood for the same sensations. The Venus allows you to control your stroke length and stroking speed, 20-250 strokes per minute, using a remote.
Venus for Men Product Stroke Pace
Venus for Men Product Perfect Fit

Fit Just for You

Sexual euphoria is personal, and that’s why every Venus attachment is custom built based on your measurements. Innovative technology utilizes a natural rubber liner which hugs and massages your penis. The process used to manufacture the liner materials eliminates the ingredients thought to cause allergic reactions.


This is the primary attachment. Use the receiver with the Venus system for a hands-free experience and create the sensation of a well-lubed partner, no erection required. The receiver can also be used manually with an erection.


The pump can be used to firm a flaccid penis or enlarge an existing erection. With regular use, the pump provides a variety of health benefits to your penis.

Head & Nipple Massagers

When used with the Venus, this dual-purpose massager provides a boost of stimulation to the head of your penis and/or nipples. When you purchase a pair of these massagers, we’ll provide a “T” connector and two 12” of large hose.

Ready when you are

Quiet and durable, the Venus is made to be ready whenever, wherever. It operates on standard dual-voltage electricity (120v or 240v), so it can be used all over the world. The machine itself is unmarked, and set-up takes less than two minutes. Plus, should your Venus ever need a repair, services are available and affordable!


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