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Venus for Men really is that good. And don’t just take our word for it.

“You know you want it, and believe me, you will be glad you did. The limitless variations of lube, speed, position and tricks will provide you with hours and hours of exquisite pleasure. The machine is well worth the money. Take it from one who has owned one for several years. I’ve tried all kinds of masturbation devices, and it was not until I got the Venus that I was totally satisfied. It does precisely what I had in mind, only better. I love it. The machine is versatile and built to last.”

“A few months ago, I purchased a Venus for myself. It gives me orgasms without ever getting erect, and is easier than oral sex from my wife. We still hug, kiss and cuddle, but now we both can have all the orgasms we wish.”

“Trust me, men, the Venus will get you off, and the stimulation sensations that it will give to your penis will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced from other masturbation devices. Not only does the Venus work as described – it actually will exceed anything you have ever dreamed about in terms of masturbation pleasure!”

“I was shocked when I first saw the price, but after sleeping on it for 2 days, I decided to give it a try on the 45-day trial. Turned out to be one of my best investments ever.”

“What a cool idea. We love the Head Massager! My husband loves oral sex, but sometimes I get tired. This little thing is more fun and gives my jaws a break! We enjoy using it together. I frequently put it on my clit and I can get off every time.”

“Figured it would stroke the same way all the time, like a robot or something. Boy, was I wrong! I can go from really slow long strokes to those tight, fast ‘short rows’. You people really know what you are doing.”

“At 77 years of age, I may be your oldest user…but somehow, I doubt it. I think the greatest thing about the Venus is the fact that you don’t have the feeling you are masturbating. It’s wonderful to lay back, close your eyes and have ‘someone’ else do you.”

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