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    Sometimes the liner feels coarse and I find if I turn the machine off for about 5 seconds and then turn it back on it will start feeling soft and smooth for a while but then return to feeling rough unless I stop it for 5 seconds again. Anyone have an idea what the problem is? Is it that I’m getting very slightly smaller during the 5 seconds? That lube is somehow draining into position during that time?

    Suggestions on possible remedies would be appreciated.



    Hi Rydia

    What I find is that ABCO usually deliver the receiver with to small diameter in the liner material.
    When using Venus the penis get more swollen and bigger and the lube is squeezed out from between the liner and the penis
    and the penis is run dry and rubbing the liner material which can be uncomfortable.
    I would suggest that you try another type of lube and also order a liner material with bigger diameter then the one you
    are using now.




    Thanks Carl.

    I will try going up a liner size. I’ve tried the ID Glide and Fleshlube (from Fleshlight) which both seemed OK and similar. Is there another brand you recommend more?



    I have found having some lube in an eye dropper type bottle works real good to add a little lube. Either slow the action WAY down or stop it and put several drops below the receiver. With practice I can do it on the go. I actually went to a smaller liner cuz I like being able to just work the head but add suction an be drawn all the way in.



    Mart, similar to what you do with an eye dropper of lube, I like to add a tiny bit of water to my receiver when it seems to dry out. I use a small squeeze spritz bottle with water, like you would use to clean your glasses. A tiny spray or two of water reconstitutes the lube and increases the slide and pleasure. If I add lube over and over instead of just plain water, eventually it gets too sticky and clogs the endcap valve.



    Water won’t work for me as I went to using Coconut or Almond oil. At first just experimenting, found I liked the way it brought my skin back to life so used it more, then found a rash I been fighting a few years went away to guess I was reacting to the different water base lubs. All oils now, no rash, love the way it feels and lasts. Go through more liner material but Karen seems to have lots of it.



    I think what’s working best so far for me is to simply not use a constrictor.

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