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    I have been a happy Venus2000 user for several years. I have found that making sure you have a large enough liner makes all the difference. Initially I thought a tighter fit would be best. I started out with a 2″ liner and receiver. I could not keep it on. It kept popping off my cock. Finally I ordered a 2.5″ receiver with first a 2.25 liner which still didn’t stay on, so I tried a 2.38 liner which was much better. Finally I thought I would try a 2.5″ liner. It made all the difference. The fit is still nice and snug, but the best part is no “pop off” issues. It fits all the way down to the base but also allows for nice long strokes all the way up the shaft with no popping off. Every guy is different, but I suggest you make sure your liner choice is large enough to accommodate your member. You loose no sensation and the Venus will stay on and you can enough every stork without worrying about it coming off with every up stroke. Now if we could just get ABCO to offer textured liners that would really be awesome



    this the same I did years ago and have been using Venus since 2001,
    I use 2.5″ and 3″ liner and this has worked great for me.
    With the these size of liners I can also masturbate for hours without becoming sore. And yes ABCO should offer textured liners.

    Scott Pifer

    I haven’t received mine yet but should I go ahead and order a larger liner now? Is there a way to know what size they shipped my Venus with?

    Scott Pifer
      If i go with a 2 inch liner should I get a 2.5 inch reciever?
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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