Remote Control through your Phone.PC or even over the internet useing Arduino - Venus for Men by Sybian

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    Hello Folks this is ( i think because i cannot find it the first time I posted it ) My first post to the forum. So I guess the first thing is to say Hi.

    I am an electronics engineer who specializes in Arduino Hardware. I was thinking that the V2K is perfect for making a little more controllable. I was thinking that with the use of an Arduino and a few other bits we could actually make these controllable remotely. With the use of a application on our tablets or phones, using a PC to write a session script so that we could control the depth and speed of the stoke over a session. We could even enable its remote control over the internet allowing the remote person to control its movement 🙂

    If you think that there is any interest in doing this them please let me know. I am happy to work on the electronics and firmware.

    Drop me an email or reply to the forum if you want to help or offer advice on this idea.

    Cheers Pete.



    I’ve been thinking on this idea also. I’m no expert like you, but i have done a lot of searching/research on this. Every circuit i’ve found on the web for the speed control is only 32V max. There’s also no Motoshield that i know of that does the required 90V. You would need to design a custom one. Abco has not replied after i tried to get a schematic of the motor control board and i can’t find one on the web so It looks like disassembling the v2k and looking at the board will be required. There is a site with a schematic for using a virtual potentiometer on the V2k. That might be interfacable to an Arduino. Do you know if the V2k board is using pulse wave mod or just SCR control? In the pic’s i’ve seen it looks like it has SCR’s.



    He every one,

    A bit of an update on this. I am now working with another forum member to create a control system tat will replace the existing remote of the V2K. It has the ability to monitor and adjust the vacuum in the system and adjust the speed of the stroke as well as the length potentially. The system is controlled through a micro controller and can be programmed for a collection of preferences. It can also be controlled over the internet and connects to your home WIFI network to allow remote control of the system. Remote control is also possible through Bluetooth and we are currently looking for anyone who can program Android devices to help with the tablet/smartphone side of the project.

    Cheers Pete



    Looks like a great project EmbeddedAT! I know a lot of us out here are looking forward to seeing (and hopefully using) it.
    Anybody out there with Droid coding skills? -please help out!



    is there any new news for this remote?


    Robert Gibbs

    Interesting I ran across this post. I was just about to try an email ABCO to see if I could get the schematics for the board. I also wanted to control the venues a little better. I was wanting to make stroke patterns an possibly us an IR remote (might work with any tv remote). I had already bought a Arduino kit an did a ton of research. It looks like the board is custom built by an the closes massed produced motor controller is the PWM dc speed control Model 0783. Almost all of their controllers state they can be controlled using the wiper an ground with a 5v signal which the Arduino produces. But, with this card that doesn’t seem to work, I only get to 1/2 speed that way. I think I got it working using the I1 and I2 connections. I don’t know what the hell I’m plugging into there though. Some times it crashes the Arduino an seems to not reach full speed. Man some details on that board would be nice.

    Ideas are still
    -possibly using a digital POT for programing in line with traditional POT for manual speed control an pattern
    -Hall sensors on disk for stroke location
    -Ir-remote for speed an pattern
    -on an off would be nice but would have a constant power drain

    I don’t know much of anything about android programming but sure would like to get up to speed with you EmbeddedAT.

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