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    This is something I’ve tried a few times but I can’t help turning it off after one session. Things get too intense and I always bottle it.

    I am determined to do it though!

    Does anyone else manage to keep the Venus running after they’re all done? Is it just a case of grin and bear it till the sensitivity goes?


    I have to turn it down or off as I am very sensitive after ejaculation and have been even before owning a Venus 2000.


    I have to shut her down, then after a few minutes I go for another round.


    Same here, once I blow I have to stop stroking, BUT I stay inside with the liner gripping my puppy tight. Then just relax for a few minutes and then I am able to slowing start the action again. I have been able to shoot three loads in a row using this technique in the space of a couple of hours. (Granted I was shooting blanks the third time). But the feeling was just as intense. One advantage of my Venus- I have never had a partner ready ‘work with me’ for that long without pulling out.


    I used to have to quit after one load due to sensitivity. I actually bought a desensitizing cream that I sometimes apply to the head of my penis after I cum. Sensitivity quickly goes away and I am ready for a second round. It’s awesome. Same as Walt, I can shoot 3 loads, and yes, not much comes out the third time. Start with two loads and then work your way up from there. 🙂

    James Dudek

    I tried to power though too but my penis gets to sensitive after I cum.
    My wife keeps telling me to let her tie me down to the bed and let it have its way with me for an hour or so.
    The idea gets me excited but I know once I cum I will want it to stop and she will just let it keep going.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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