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    I’ve had mine a few years now and still get excited each time I use it. It will help you be able to ejaculate multiple times.



    MikeL737, did you receive your venus yet? If so, how is it so far?



    Not just yet unfortunately. Gonna be another month or so. Had to use layaway option. I’ll let you know asap!!!



    2 more weeks to go before I’m able to pay off remaining balance and she arrives!! IM READY!!




    Well… I finally get to write the post I’ve been looking forward to for a while 🙂

    After a few months of layaway and anticipation my Venus finally arrived yesterday. Words cant describe how good this thing feels, I’m soo happy with it! I got the Venus with the receiver, head massager and pump.

    First I assembled the unit which was simple then I figured I would start with the pump to get started and build the anticipation even more. I lubed up the entrance to it, turned down the stroke speed dial, flipped on the power switch, and put my penis head in just inside the pump entrance.. As I slowly turned the dial up I just couldn’t believe how the thing just sucked my penis inside like its been craving it forever! WOW! That alone was enjoyable! Next I tried the head massager which was really nice as well.. I loved putting it midway on penis and turning up the speed. Watching it squeeze out juices and bounce around was just bliss! Ok last thing to try was the receiver. Same thing, I lubed up inside of receiver and penis, turned down the dial and inserted head slightly.. As I turned up the dial and that thing started sucking and stroking I was just plain in heaven.. I felt like a teenager the first time I had sex! I’m guessing I worked myself up with soo much anticipation and previous play that there’s was just no way I was gonna last so I just let it stroke away until I filled it with everything I had. It felt SOO good.. All 5 min of it LOL!

    I was also surprised and happy that I was able to let it continue stroking through the whole orgasm and even when I was done. It was just perfect. I see a lot of videos where guys have to stop the stroking mid orgasm. Everyone’s different I guess.

    All in all I am extremely happy with the Venus. I look forward to introducing her to my wife. She does know about it, didn’t have to hide my new lover 🙂 Wow.. just amazing!!!




    Great write up MikeL. I’m on the fence.



    Hey Venom.. You just have to go for it man.. That’s about all I can say lol. I think I use mine more than when I first got the thing I like it so much. Depending on how active my wife and I are in a given week ill use it solo 2-5 times a week. A lot of the times with my wife. Sometimes solo in front of her and sometimes shes using it on me. You know how it is. Bunch of times she goes to bed early and says have fun 🙂

    There’s really nothing like it and good luck getting a woman to suck on your cock for 2 hrs edging you the whole time! Both the feeling and the visuals are just amazing. I would buy one again if I had to.. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck!




    If anybody would like to chat about their venus experiences, let me know. I have had mine for many years and still think it has been a great purchase. I also have some tips about multiple milkings. 🙂



    Hi Guys, I’m in the UK and before I discovered Venus I ordered a device called ‘Love Botz’ from a UK company. This looks very similar and is supposed to come from the US so maybe it is the same under another name. It is due to arrive tomorrow morning and as many of you I’m excited to say the least. Whether I shall manage multiple orgasms we shall see as I am already a pensioner! Oh if only I had these things available years ago.



    Hey new user,I know your excitement.I have had my Venus for 8 years and use it daily.I have had NO problems at all with any part of venus.Normal usage you need to rebuild the receiver after 50 plus sessions.It takes me about 5 minutes to rebuild. I ordered my venus right after watching the demo video.I got really hard just watching the video. The day I got venus I right away set it up and slid my already very hard cock into the receiver and turned on venus to a slow stroke speed. I immediately felt like I was going to cum.It must have been the anticipation. After 3 minutes I let myself cum,it was the best orgasm that I ever had. I finished but was still very hard so I just left my cock in the receiver and started up again, then I had to come once more,again a very nice orgasm. I was through for a while. I kept thinking about the venus and what it did to me and got very hard again,I got into the receiver and started up once more.I quickly had to cum and let it happen.I kept this up for days.even now as I think about it I get hard. I am hard right now from just explaining the venus. I will slip into venus and let it make me cum. I don’t think that you will be at all disappointed. Once venus makes you get hard and you cum you will not want to stop. I use mine daily and never get bored. I will be getting into my venus in a few minutes. Good luck with your venus.If you have any questions feel free to contact me at



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