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    I’ve been using Venus for a little over 7 months, and up until just recently, I was finding it difficult to get it working just right for me. The 2 primary problems I was having were keeping it from popping off, and not enough texture within the rubber liner to suit my needs.

    I started out with a 2″ x 6″ receiver using 2″ liner, and soon realized that this was a bit small for my size. Also, the single valve cap kept plugging up and wouldn’t “breathe” properly. I decided I needed something a bit larger to accommodate me (turns out I’m a bit more of a horse after all!), so I ordered a 2.5″ x 6″ receiver, 2.25″ liner and a 2 valve end cap. This was more like it! But I still hadn’t quite solved the persistent problem of keeping the stroking Venus from leaping off of me unrestrained. Just when I had the speed and pressure I wanted, she just didn’t want to stay on me! Frustrating to say the least! I kept experimenting with a few things, until finally this past week, I found something so simple it makes the experience a true hands-free ride. Here’s what I have discovered.

    To prepare for a session, I like to take a blend of supportive herbal supplements which I have found greatly enhance my erection and stamina an hour or two prior to play. I regularly take Black Maca, ashwagandha, tongkat ali, zinc, vitamin D, and on mornings I plan to use Venus, horny goat weed, L-arginine, and a 10mg Levitra. Within 1 to 1 1/2 hours, I’m primed and getting eagerly ready for a lot of fun.

    For lubricant, I’ve been making my own using distilled water, xanthan gum, a few drops of grapefruit seed extract as preservative, and recently, adding a good squirt of aloe vera gel to the final blend. This is heavenly, stays viscous but very slippery, and is super cheap to make. I keep it in a small squeeze bottle and heat it briefly in the microwave (8 oz. mix 20 sec or so) until it’s very warm, but not super hot.

    The next trick I learned while adjusting Venus, was I wanted a head-popper band inside to provide a nice head grabbing action at the top of each stroke. I found that the big wide rubber band that comes on a bunch of broccoli turned out to be the perfect fit, 2″ diameter. I slipped it on over the 2.25″ liner inside the receiver and OMG, did it ever do the trick! Perfect!

    Last but not least, I wanted a way to provide an elastic stretch of some kind to hold Venus but not restrict the stroking too much. While playing, I found that wearing a pair of briefs over 1 leg with the waistband over the top of the receiver gave just the right amount of freedom but still lets it stroke fully and easily. I can adjust by moving them on my leg and just lie back and truly enjoy the ride! Real nice and slow, now I can go for as long as I want without having to constantly keep my hands on the reins, or even if I want to stroke hard and fast, it still stays put very well. Now I can really enjoy playing with the air in/out to my liking. This used to be a delicate balance and not much fun, but now it is a joy to see what different sensations you can get with little changes in speed and pressure.

    Finally, I have extended the main and air bleed hoses to 7 ft. which is a big help as well. In doing so I moved the air diaphragm rod out 1 hole to give more stroke volume, due to the larger receiver and longer hose length. Before attaching the hose to the receiver, run very slowly and try stopping the diaphragm at different points before connecting it, this can give more/less overall push/pull on the liner. See what suits you best, it can be fun to try.

    Check out some video of my last session, I think you’ll see how much fun I was having once I figured a few things out. Venus has become a cherished and pleasurable tool for taking care of myself. Well worth the investment!


    Here’s the link to the video
    The PIN access code is Venus ride if it asks for it.
    Enjoy! I sure did!


    Made it public, for some reason the code didn’t work


    One of the great things about the Venus, keep truing new brain storms, even little things, and it will produce a different sensation. A few months ago while working in the shop I looked at an old multi jointed desk lamp I put on a stand for working on engines. Hmmmmm, a hands free hang we. With 4-5 heavy rubber bands and a wire hook I hung the receiver off the end. Totally adjustable positions of the direction of pull. Need to use more suction to keep the receiver on but hey, great stroking action while tucking harder on me. Love the thing.

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