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    I’ve been looking for months for a way to stabilize the V2K receiver for a totally “Hands-Free” solution for my V2K. Recently, I discovered something that’s super cheap and it works amazingly. I came across the item when browsing an electronics store. It’s a phone holder with a flexible neck and a desk clamp. It was only $10 so I bought it, took it home and set it up. I discovered the phone clamp grabs the receiver perfectly and snug. I also discovered I had to tape up the air hose to reduce the weight of the receiver which was not a problem.

    Now, with everything in place and a few tweeks to the flexible neck, I lubed up and turned on my V2K machine. Wow! The receiver bounced up and down the way it should and was very stable due to the slight flexibility of the phone holder neck.

    Anyway, This method worked 100% for me and I HIGHLY recommend you try it out. The phone holder that I have can be found here . You can also find similar ones for around the same price at Amazon

    Here’s what my set up looks like plus a close up of the clamped receiver:
    Photo #1 (Sorry, Photo rotated on upload)
    Photo #2

    I imagine one could easily adjust the neck of the clamp for different angles, heights, etc. for different experiences.

    Hope this helps many V2K users. Enjoy!


    Wow, very creative! Well done. I don’t have a V2K yet but I imagine this set up with a Virtual Reality headset would be kick ass!


    I am going to try this out this weekend. I was given one of these phone holders today by a friend who could not use it in his car. I recognized it from this thread and knew I could put it to an alternate use ;D


    Recently tried your idea, and it is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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