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    I like to donate my… (no, not that one… might have thought) latest research results to your
    research team.
    According to my experience with the V2k, I noticed that the Abco receiver suffers from
    “lubrication leak” problems, which block the air out valve and messy lube leakage.
    I’m mixing my own Guar Gum lubricant and so, able to control its firmness. This helps to
    curb the lubricant mess. My lubricant trap filter (see attached sketch) replaces the air out
    valve and keeps the air in/out hose clean. This arrangement is also far more effective.
    Well, you people have a good look at it, for I did my homework! 🙂

    Saludos cordiales, J.

    Since I cannot post the picture he provided I will try to describe this.

    Just inside the end cap he suggests a layer of stainless steel wire ball or scour pad material
    then below that a layer of “Special airy sponge”

    I can provide this image upon request. Karen at Sybian dot com

    I will also post it on the Venus yahoo group.



    I don’t see a sketch, was it removed or did you forget to upload it?
    Also, were you able to attach the lube trap like you mentioned? What does it look like? My tubes are getting lube inside of them too, so your idea would help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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