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    Many emotions go into the thought of life without a prostate. I never knew just what that little guy did for me until I lost it. While your testicles make the sperm, the prostate makes the semen that moves the sperm wherever you ‘shoot’ it. I noticed a few big changes following surgery. First, I swear that my dick is not as long as before surgery. It makes sense that it did shorten (the urethra has to be sown to the bladder after removal of the prostate). Your dick may well be that much shorter by the distance lost inside there (some may say I’m crazy, but many I have talked with agree). The second is that there is no more ‘cum’, or ejaculation. You still have an orgasm, but the big moment is missing. It takes on a much different feel, and takes some getting used to – but very enjoyable. The third is the inability to ‘get it up’. My Urologist told me that following surgery, the ‘fun really begins’. He is referring to the physical requirement to have an erection no less than three times per week. Well, that’s easier said than done. The pills are useless, and the injections somewhat successful (they aren’t kidding about the 4 hr erection being an emergency…. to test the mixture I sat in the Docs office for all 4 hours – it would not go away. Lesson learned – don’t use too much!). The best solution came when I made the leap & got the Venus. I use it every few days (without the liner) to create an erection and to ‘get the blood flowing’. My wife even helps and enjoys watching thru the clear tube.
    A big key to recovering emotionally from post-surgery (at least for me) is the encouragement and support from my wife. It’s a big change for a guy to not get a hardon, and love making is totally effected. I’ve made efforts to create the ‘fun’ my Dr suggested, and the Venus is a HUGE part of that.
    Would love to discuss with anyone looking at surgery, or just plain ole ED thoughts.


    John — Having had my prostate removed about 18 mos ago, I find I’m no longer capable of producing a full erection. Some engorgement, yes, but the old “bar of steel” is a thing of the past. Have found I’m still capable of experiencing orgasm with suitable stimulation though, which I wasn’t sure would be in the cards. While not the same as pre-prostatectomy ejaculation, I’m finding the sensation can be just about as intense.

    I’ve read the Venus for men is excellent for producing suitable stimulation without an erection, and so considering giving this device a try.

    Any insights you or others can offer would be much appreciate.


    David – I’m not sure what additional insights I might have or suggest. I wish there was a single reference for all things ‘post prostate surgery’, but it takes many searches to find meaningful information. When using a vacuum therapy systems, you must be sure to have the penis engorged (erect, if you can get there) for a minimum of about 20 minutes. Short of that, you’ll find your dick may lose length….. (speaking of short)… and who wants that??

    Aside from the vacuum therapy, use a receiver with the liner and you’ll be in heaven – an awesome sensation. Would love to hear if you end us getting one, and your reaction. Good luck to you



    I’m post-prostatectomy about 4 years.

    Would you mind giving more info on how you use just the clear cylinder without the liner to get an erection, please?

    For example, how do you use the suction control. What rate of pumping do you use – do you use different rates at different stages?

    Any detailed info would be good, as I can do OK with a vacuum device, but I think that repeated erection and deflation deflation would both stretch and oxygenate the penis. The Docs tell me that is what they want.

    I can get reasonably erect with injection plus daily Cialis, but this is very expensive. And I find daily vacuum uncomfortable and boring.

    Is there enough pressure reduction in the cylinder alone to get an erection without mental stimulation?



    Hi Malikebu – I would be happy to help you with ideas. I know how drastic a change in a male’s lifestyle this surgery has. At least for me, there was (and continues to be) a huge emotional impact. Add to that the direction from the Urologist that we need to achieve an erection ‘at least 3 times per week’ increases pressure (and causes discouragement when it becomes such a task).

    I don’t mean to be too personal, but are you married? If so, what is your wife’s attitude toward this 3X/week Rx?? I believe support from a spouse is essential to reduce the emotional impact…. just sayin’

    As far as the Venus without the liner – I have found that has been a great help. Karen was great in getting me various sized tubes, as when used, I pretty much filled up the original tube. I was afraid that without the liner, the suction tube might force some of the skin in the port (ouch). That actually hasn’t happened, but using the larger tubes seems to be helpful (plus offers a better visual).

    I also use the daily Cialis, as well as injections. When we want intercourse, the shot is the only game in town, but to fulfill the Doc’s 3X/week erection requirement, I would not give up my venus….

    How I use it – It seems to work a bit better if I can get myself a bit more “chubby”. The seal works better if the shaft is engrossed a little. Also, keeping the pubic hair trimmed is very important (you’re probably used to that if you use manual erection tubes). I let it slowly cycle, removing air, allowing my penis to grow slowly. Once it is as erect as it seems it can get (this varies, I have found – depending on visual stimulation…. good time for the wife to help in that regard) I turn off the motor, and simply let the erection remain for a few minutes. I then let some of the air out (give it a ‘breather’), then repeat. I’ve been told that it should be about a 30 minute exercise.

    As far as being enough pressure to create an erection w/o stimulation, the answer is yes – I believe it is sufficient to make my Doc happy, but additional stimulation certainly helps, and actually feels a bit different (better).

    How else can I help? Let me know, as I am happy to do so

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