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    I am thinking I will buy a Venus this week. I would like feedback on 2 things if anyone can chip something in.

    I have what has been described a Coke can cock. I have stayed in manogamous relationships mainly because I have never found a condom that wasn’t a cock ring. I last too long so a cock ring was unwelcome. I have only ever been able to successfully have orgasm in a condom once. I have measured and I should fit the widest size. Has anyone used this and can you comment?

    Jumping off from lasting too long it actually inhibits my wife and I. We are not spring chickens anymore and what was great when we were young makes for an unwelcome cramps etc. We would like to use this to possibly start for me my wife really enjoys jerking me off, but yet again she doesn’t want to do it for an hour.

    My second question is: has anyone used this to start their six session and is their a loss of feeling that might make moving into my wife after starting with it an issue?

    One of the reasons I want to get one is I would like to have an orgasm in my wife without taking an hour and wrecking her legs for the day. She’s great for 20+ minutes, but after that her discomfort has caused me to lose my erection.


    When I first ordered my Venus, I could not get it to stay on because of girth and was ready to return it. Karen sent me a larger size at no charge. I have been in heaven since. You need a large enough liner and receiver to fully engage your member. I can use mine for hours with no pop-off issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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