How long will 3" liner last? - Venus for Men by Sybian

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    Im about to buy this set but since the postage fee is kinda high just for just ordering replacement liner(10+20 dollar) I have few questions.
    1. How long will 3″ liner last in use? Do you cut it in like 1″ pieces and use each for a certain amount of time?
    2. How long liner will last in storage before it starts degerating(if at all)



    Of course. Im not familiar with american lenght measurements. I thought that the sleeve is 1m long and you can cut it like 30cm pieces. But 30″ is just 76cm which is reasonable lenght for 1 since piece.
    Edit. I only use water based lub. I have ruined few toys because of not using it.



    The important thing is to use water based lubricants and keep it clean. I’ve easily ejaculated over 100 times in my current liner. (3-5 times per week) and it’s still in good condition.

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