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    David Ciotti

    Bought mine about a year ago and this most have been a Wednesday machine!
    This thing is a piece of junk!
    Didn’t come with accessories that I found out later it came with
    Exp: directions I went online to fight this thing out.
    I didn’t get that bag of all the goodie’s either: little clamps and such.
    I went through four different caps with the valve in them in less than a week , then made my own.

    The diaphragm roar the first week using since then gone through two.

    I have gone though the controllers
    In the first year

    Bought the adapter and parts from serious
    And finally the damn thing started working right.

    Was using it today turned it off to go to another room to get something
    Came back and the now damn thing is dead!!!

    Now the this damn thing won’t even turn on.

    What a POS!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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