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    Ok honest question. How many of you have hidden your V2K from your significant others? I don’t have a V2K yet but I know my wife would be totally against it especially after she sees the cost. She is really conservative. She hates when I even look at porn. I bought a Fleshlight a couple years back because I work out of town alot and she found it in my overnight bag and blew up on me, so I’m pretty sure this would definitely be a no-no. Thoughts?


    Blew up over Fleshlight?!?! Sounds like you need a new wife :/ Maybe she would prefer you used the services of a pro? It is not like you are cheating on her.

    I can certainly see the cost of the V being an issue. It is basically two or so car payments or 1/4 of a years property tax in many areas. If she were more open minded, saving up getting both the V and a Sybian for her would be an option.


    I think its best and probably vital to incorporate your wife. I know mine was a bit like wtf at first however now seeing how much I enjoy it we enjoy using it together for fun. You also need to tell her that’s its not a wife replacement like how they usually think at first. To them they think well why would you want this?? If your wife has seen or knows that you jerkoff from time to time then she shouldn’t have a problem with it. If that stuff is a no no then you guys obviously have other issues to work out before you try to introduce this monster cum thirsty machine lol. Also they have the payment plan that helps ease the burden. Thats what I did. Basically you have to know your wife and work it in based on that IMO. Is it for every couple I don’t know..

    good luck and keep us posted!



    Thanks Mike. It probably is the right thing to do, I just don’t know if I have balls to do it. The cost really isn’t the issue this stupid convo about me buying a jerk off toy is. I wouldn’t even know how to start that one. “So I was at a farm today and saw a cow getting milked with a machine and thought… man I wonder how that would feel on my cock. So what do you think honey?” LOL.


    It’s all about communication. My wife and I have very unbalanced sex drives (apparently a common issue). We’ve been married for many years and I love her deeply but her drive is virtually nil, and mine can be off the charts. We’ve talked about it, and she’s more than fine with me using various solo methods to satisfy my drive. In fact, it has become sort of an inside joke between us. I wish she had more drive, but I’m OK with her just the way she is and am not going to push her into something she’s not comfortable with. That said, I’ve probably spent more on toys over the years than I care to think about. Wish I had been able to purchase Venus sooner…Likely would have saved me a LOT of money. I handle the finances and we don’t really talk about cost but I could see my wife being a little upset from that standpoint if it came up. In your case, it sounds like both points are an issue (both solo sex and the cost of Venus). I would encourage you to just be open and honest. Again, communication is key. I wish you all the best.

    Kevin Wells

    There seems to not be a lot of posts to these forums anymore. I think perhaps they have mainly moved to Yahoo forums and the like. Not a bad idea for the manufacturer… but I’d like to see questions like these really discussed in details. I’m nearing the end of the road, and I have been part of many relationships, and two marriages. Part of my life, my very makeup, is the need for sex. Not everyday, not even weekly at times. But it has to happen. If any woman, partner, or whatever, could not even meet me halfway, then this machine/partner is essential – and I wish I had decided earlier to buy it. I’ve tried so many alternatives in synthetic devices, and at times professional partners. Neither were consistent, and of course professional partners added a lot of risk. I had to decide on this, to maintain some sanity, and it works in a way that I did not expect. I thought, or rather feared, that I would be addicted. Guess what? Sexual satisfaction lasts for awhile, sometimes for days, sometimes for a week. I know it’s available, but that knowledge is liberating for me. Now I wait until I cannot resist the urge. Otherwise I have no problem waiting for many days. Anyway, not sure I helped with anything, but that’s me.


    That sounds like tough issue.
    So it doesn’t, at first glance or even on inspection, look like anything provocative. Just a black cube, some plugs, hose, power cable and other connecting parts and a receiver. It kind of looks like an old school version of a C-PAP machine.
    So just get this thing, set it on your night stand, next to the bed, with everything ready to go. When she asks what it is tell her, “Hun that is my CPAP machine to help me with my Obstructive Sleep Apnea.” This should help me sleep better and hopefully I’ll quit snoring. Then she’ll hug you for being so thoughtful.
    Then when you lay down at night put that receiver over your nose and turn it on to a respiratory setting speed. When she’s not looking or asleep, whip that thing under the covers and put it on were it belongs and go to town. She’ll never know…seriously.

    Joel C

    Just hide mine behind my shoe boxes 👍

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