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    I eagerly received my Venus last week and enjoyed my first incredible sessions which have been wonderful, delicious and easily sent me over the edge within just a few minutes if I went too fast. Guess that’s just part of the fun of being with a new lover! I begin flaccid or getting a throbbing chubby, but Venus had no trouble drawing me right in and I quickly reached full attention! At a leisurely pace it was all I could do to hold myself back until the volcano blew! What a ride!

    I did experience a few issues I’d like some help with, primarily in the size and fitting dept. Not sure exactly what I need to change for a better ride.

    Here are my measurements that I provided at purchase:

    C1 – 4 5/8″ – Around the glans at the largest point
    C2 – 4 1/16″ – Where the glans meets your shaft
    C3 – 5″ – Halfway down your shaft
    C4 – 4 7/8″ – Shaft 1″ from your body
    Erect length – 5″ base to tip along the top
    Measurements were taken with string with a full, hard erection.

    How are these measurements analyzed when sizing a customer’s receiver and liner?

    The custom receiver provided for me based on the above measurements is a 200-060-200 (2″ x 6″ long with a 2″ liner) and a single valve end cap. I also bought the nubbed stroker sleeve but haven’t used it yet. Liner size and receiver guidance for that based on my size?

    I am experiencing problems with the receiver popping off. I have to take out all excess air with the green button and pull the receiver all the way down on my penis for it to stay on during use, but it eventually works its way up and will soon pop off if it rides too far up on my glans (I am circumcised BTW). If air is added at all to give a shorter stroke, it immediately pops off. I’m thinking I could need a larger liner size.

    To get a better idea, I measured the entry diameter through the constrictor where it passes through the central sleeve, and the opening is 1.25″ with a strong suction applied. This is about 37.5% smaller than my shaft which measures 1.55″ width (4.875″ circumference) at the C4 point, and 1.59″ width (5″ circumference) at the C3 midpoint. Could I need a larger liner, maybe the 2.38″ size which would give a closer 1.48″ through the constrictor opening? Would a 2.5″ receiver help open the constrictor size up a bit with the right size liner for me? Just trying to observe how I’m fitting into things and how it’s performing.

    Another observation is I come close to the top sometimes near the ball valve at full stroke. Lube and precum are sucked up during use and it tends to stop working. If it cannot “breathe”, the stroking action is restricted and this seems to make it harder to keep the receiver from riding up and eventually coming off. I cleaned the check ball and lubricated it with a drop of olive oil, that seems to help somewhat.

    I am using my own lube made with Xanthan gum powder, glycerin, distilled hot water and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. Very inexpensive and plentiful to make. This is royally fantastic, super slippery and feels just like real cum! I use an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner squeeze bottle as a dispenser. The membrane cap keeps it well sealed yet makes getting a quick squirt convenient. I pre-warm the bottle for 10 mins in hot water before each use. Stays fresh with no refrigeration until it’s used up. I much prefer this over water-based lubes which tend to dry up and don’t last very long.

    Scott Cruickshank

    That sticking valve is probably the most common problem the thing has. Here’s a way to make it go away for good:

    Easy fix for sticky end cap valves

    You will eliminate the popping off problem if you do that. Cost you next to nothing, takes 2 minutes.


    Hey, that sounds like a good idea. I’m not exactly built like a horse, but it just seems a bit snug. Standard size condoms have always been a comfortable size fit for me as a reference. I think I’ll give the 2 1/8″ a try, and maybe a 2 1/4″ to play with as well, and a 2 valve cap. I made a neat mod for one of my Fleshlights, I prefer the smaller Turbo clear ice liner, wow! The end cap didn’t have a good 2-way breather valve, so I drilled a 1/8″ hole in the cap, made a flap valve from a square of condom latex held in place on the cap end by waterproof gorilla tape (cum, lube and all won’t get this off!) It worked superbly! Instant suction on the backstroke and breathes out as you thrust back in. Almost can’t pull yourself out it’s that effective! The sponge to absorb precum ahead of the valves is a great idea, and the peppermint oil sounds very stimulating. I have a way to cut it in a thin, round disc to fit inside the receiver, I’ll make one and upload it soon, see how it goes. I really appreciate your sharing your experiences and creative ideas, we all benefit together!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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