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    I attempted to make a textured liner using SmoothOn EcoFlex 00-10 silicone but it still needs some work to get something use-able 🙁

    Textured Liner


    Scott Cruickshank

    Good try. Looks like you dipped a bolt. That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve often thought myself about trying to make a liner, kind of like you did. I think a better choice might be something with a Shore closer to the stock liner and something very stretchy. I think a good choice might be 30/30 Slide. They use it to make Masks. High stretch, a little stiffer in the Shore department, and highly tear resistant. I might order some and give it a shot myself.

    I think where you went wrong is with the 10 Shore. Gotta be higher than that. I bet Ecoflex 30 would have worked better.



    I guess it would have been helpful to explain why it failed.

    I created a mold using a 3d printer, but forgot to make any provision for releasing the liner from the mold after it set. So I damaged the liner whilst breaking away the mold. I have made a new mold which is split down the middle and bolted together. I will let you know how it goes.

    Dip molding sounds like an interesting thing to investigate though, I will be interested to hear of the results. I imagine experimenting with the shore hardness would also be interesting, there is probably a sweet-spot of hardness vs strength needed.


    Scott Cruickshank

    Right on. Let me know what you decide to use and how it goes for sure. Use a mold release this time too. You can buy it in spray cans, but I’ve heard some people using cooking spray like Pam. You spray a thin coat over your mold before you cast. Since the silicone won’t stick to oil, and the oil doesn’t stick to the mold, it pops right out. Though there are some compounds I hear that require a special release agent. Liquid car wax, Vaseline, WD-40 are a few others some people use. I say do a test, mix up a small amount, apply to a coated piece of scrap. See what peels off easy and what doesn’t.

    Good luck.



    I found a way to create a little texture to the latex product that is supplied. I took the sleeve and turned it inside out. Then with coarse sand paper, I sanded the liner on both sides in all different directions. Washed off the grit and turned it back the correct way. Defiantly can feel the difference. Do not sand it to the point of a tear or making too thin. I have some other ideas, will let you know how they work.



    Interesting you put effort into getting your liner gritty feeling as that happens to mine soon enough using mostly Almond oil for lub. I do like the feeling for shorter periods of use {under an hour} but for a longer time like a couple hours it get to abrasive for me. So I switch to a smooth liner.

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