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    Hello! I had a question about the Venus for Men system. I’m admittedly quite curious but, naturally, the price is a hint prohibitive, though I love that guys have the option for returns if it doesn’t work out.

    My curiosity is in regards to those men who are uncut and have their foreskin in tact. Most strokers, quite frankly, feel kinda awful unless I just drown them in lube. Even the eponymous fleshlights are hit or miss at best without constant re-lubing in excessive amounts.

    Do you guys have any first-hand experiences from your customers expressing concerns or the like? I’d love an auto-stroker of some sort, but worry it’d just ultimately not work for me.


    I bought the VENUS a few months, ago. Am uncut and have quite an “overhang” of skin from pumping manually for many years prior to purchasing this “milk machine”. Speaking for myself: am quite happy with the purchase although, as you indicated –it’s “a hint prohibitive”. It has been worth the expense (PayPal has a payment plan, e.g., 6 months interest free: pay a little each month – that’s what I did). I use the Receiver and the Pump cylinder interchangeably, or just the Pump to get a good workout.
    I use this “auto-stroker”, as you call it, for hours on end with some short breaks because it feels soo good that I prolong my climax as long as possible. With regard to usage of lube: I lube my dick, and put lube around the liner material (just enough to make my dick slide in easily); I may re-apply lube to my dick after an hour or so. Best buy ever!


    I have been using my venus for close to 3 years. I am cut. I enjoy the venus a few times per week. I have chatted with several people online, some cut,some uncut, every single person that I have spoken too enjoys the venus. As long as you are well lubed, I think you will enjoy it very much. It will keep you hard for hours. If you want to chat, let me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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