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    We tried 15 years ago to develop clear liner. I did get a sample of a liner in that was promising. I sent it to one of my testers with explicit instructions NOT to video it or tell anyone else about the trial. We are now aware that he did video his test and did post it on the internet. The problem with that liner was , it could not be made in our current range of sizes and actually did not have the correct “action” that we like to see from the Venus. We then spent over a hundred thousand dollars trying to develop a clear liner. NOTHING WORKED. The amber colored liner is the original liner material used from the time the Venus was designed. It has done very well and nothing feels like the Venus. If someday I do get a clear liner that will work I will most certainly sell it on the website 🙂

    Update 7/2014: I ordered $600.00 worth of custom clear silicone liner from my current supplier. It is crap. It tore in two and would not stretch enough to even go over a 2″ housing. I keep trying guys!



    There’s a company here in the UK called Serious Kit (I guess you may know of them), they sell a clear liner they use on their milking machines. I ordered some when they first introduced it some years ago, I had high hopes but was very disappointed with it. In my opinion it has lack of stretch, no texture and is too hard, all in all it does not come close to the standard Venus liner and I’ve not bothered with it since. The transparent liner does have a certain visual appeal but in my opinion its certainly not worth sacrificing the intense sensations the original Venus gives unless an identical liner but just a transparent version can be developed.


    I would really like to be a tester for new products?
    I have 2 machines 1 at home, 1 at my Lake house.
    Daily user.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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