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    My guess, based on how I understand that it works, is that it would not not work very well….

    The Venues uses a diaphragm to move air in and out of the receiver… and if you used a spliter… it would sort of work.. but the volume of air in the whole “closed system”, would be significantly larger…

    The “action” (or stroke) of the receiver is based on the DIFFERENCE between the high/low pressure…. and adding more air to the system, will decrease the difference…

    Well.. that’s my theory, anyway….



    We used our like that… Had to change the internal setting… it worked ok… but not as well as going solo… however.. its great fun to do it together


    I have tried the splitter with two people a few times. Danny’s analysis is spot on. Because the volume of air in the closed system is now basically doubled, performance is affected and the stroking is not as powerful or exact, and less controllable. It would work OK if both people were exact same size, but this is seldom the case. So while I may be able to adjust settings to my liking for a perfect stroke, my partner may have pop offs or, the opposite, a barely moving receiver. With tweaks, such as hose clamps, I think a willing couple could rig this up to work pretty well. Keep in mind that the splitter is also marketed, for those with sensitive nipples, to facilitate the use of the “nipple massager” during a normal Venus stroke session.

    I once rigged up two “head massagers” with a splitter which provided a very different stroke. The top one had an end cap and the lower one just basically pulsed with the liner inflating and deflating. So you ended up with squeeze and release action at the base and a short stroke at the top. When I attached a small piece of liner to link the two pieces together it produced an even more intense feeling. Sort of a hassle but it did work and provided me a little variation in my normal routine.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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