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    Scott Cruickshank

    It occurred to me a few days ago that maybe the easiest way to up the friction inside the liner is to introduce some kind of substance to the lube inside. Something not too abrasive, small grained, non-toxic, and not readily water soluble that’s going to dissolve or soften too quickly. I already tried some round grain sand, way too abrasive. Even with the round stuff. I think I might have hit on a good one, uncooked rice. I just tried it with a liner a little on the loose side. I had maybe a plastic coke bottle cap full in there and it felt pretty good. I’d say easily 2 times better, maybe more. I don’t think I lasted 5 minutes with it going pretty slow. Usually I can go 15 or 20 easy. Longer if I keep calm and don’t try to force the matter. It didn’t seem to deaden the action very much. I just had to use lots of lube and add some more air. I think what you want to use is the round grain stuff. Looks kind of oval shape with a smooth surface. I had some pretty rough stuff in there, some Uncle Bens minute rice type thing. It was sort of long grained, with a rough surface, and a non-uniform overall grain shape. Though I really liked the feeling, I’m not sure I could do it for very long. Probably not repeatedly, all day long, that’s for sure.

    I’m going to go to the grocery store tomorrow and see if I can find a more suitable grain shape and texture. I’ll let you all know how it goes. In the mean time, if anybody can think of anything else that might work, let me know.


    If a store near you has a bulk food section i.e.”health food” look at the clear bins with grains and sprouting seeds in them. Something like clover seed would be small and round.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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