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    Hi all, I’m considering getting a Venus, and being new to it all, I want to see what will perform best for me. I’m an average size guy, I took the required measurements and the additional flaccid C4 is pretty close to my size when hard. I am thinking about adding both a pump and head massager to the kit package, they all look like they will provide a wonderful experience.
    I currently use a Fleshlight Turbo, and enjoy it warmed before use. I created a 1 way valve in it’s end cap which greatly increases backstroke suction which is divine! My only gripes with it are cleanup and sleeve durability. Honestly it feels so much like the real thing!
    How much suction do you get with a properly sized receiver and rubber sleeve? I particularly enjoy long, slow to medium speed strokes a lot of suction, and occasionally getting a slurp of air at the end, but still keeping it going hands free. I have been using xanthan gum lube with vegetable glycerin mixed in, WOW what a ride! Cheap and easy to make and custom blend to your perfect feel.
    I would enjoy hearing suggestions and comments to help me decide what to get and how to enjoy Venus best.
    Regards and thanks for your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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