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I bought my Venus in the spring of 2008 and it is still purring just like when it was new. When I bought it, I was having significant ED issues and the wife had lost her sex drive. My ED is still there but much better. Go figure. I can’t help but think using the Venus regularly has helped my ed since when I used it I would get firmer from the start. Back then the wife had lost her sex drive and I was not capable of doing anything anyway. Now she has her sex drive back and I still need a little vitamin V, but things work great. I bought her a Sybian a few weeks ago and once she held the Venus for me as she rode the Sybian. Great experience. We do have regular sex on occasion, but the Sybian and the Venus are great to have for those times when we want to provide pleasure for the other with no personal demands, when we want a little variety, or when we simply want to have an “alone” experience.

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of these products or the fantastic customer service I have been treated to over the years.