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Home Forums General Discussion Remote Control through your Phone.PC or even over the internet useing Arduino Reply To: Remote Control through your Phone.PC or even over the internet useing Arduino

Robert Gibbs

Rydia, Rydia

Thanks for the complement Rydia. So to Address both of you first Bluetooth is not something I’ve tested but assume it would be about the same as the IR. The Bluetooth I would do with a Bluetooth controller(handset,remote) not the phone. Sorry but with the phone then your talking about having to make an app along with everything else which is really not something I’m all that interested in doing. I know I have a Bluetooth controller for a VR headset I have. I would just connect the Bluetooth receiver to the micro controller, find out what the controllers buttons are doing an assign those inputs to what i wanted the motor to do when i press them. Also your leaving out one of the controllers. The longer or shorter stroke controller will not be being effected. I know at one time I had just wrapped a rubber band around the green button and didn’t interact with that controller much but without the wireless part taking those options into consideration your losing half the functionality of the V2000. I really don’t think ABCO would be that interested in an additional control that didn’t actually make the V2000 wireless without reducing its functionality.

But even so continuing forward the power button in the controller is a full 120 volt. 120 volts is a little more difficult to deal with but do able. So you would take the same type of connection they have an make a cable that comes off into a new box. This box would have a 120v relay, a power converter to run the micro controller, the Bluetooth sensor, the micro controller. The micro controller would always be powered on if plugged in. It would always be waiting for the Bluetooth signal to flip the relay to power everything else. The wires that went to the nob would go to the controller an the output would be controlled by the micro controller AKA the Bluetooth. you could do it but the only thing your doing is making the power an speed button wireless. it is possible though to do that much.

And to Rydia. Yea that was my plan was to try an do my own with them or without. That’s why I took the time to do what I did. So yea I would be interested. It just takes a while to put them together on my own an have made such large improvements every time waiting was worth it. The initial investments are a lot more though too. The advancements cost probably 2 to 3 times as much as what they have right now. The profit margin will be smaller and the assembly will be harder. The hardware in the v2000 is less then 200 bucks. The cost just the parts for mines probably around 500 to 600. I like the idea though. I like what I got once I do the next one I’ll be about done, nothing else on the bucket list.