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Home Forums General Discussion Remote Control through your Phone.PC or even over the internet useing Arduino Reply To: Remote Control through your Phone.PC or even over the internet useing Arduino

Robert Gibbs

So, I agreed with you when I started this project. I started off doing pretty much just what your talking about. First off though, I want to say that making the controller wireless, Bluetooth or IR is the simple part so I am kind of bypassing that to get to the actual problems. Making the V2000 controlled digitally rather then with the analog potentiometer. I did that very quickly too. I replaced the potentimeter in the V2000 with the Arduino which I could control through a program on the computer as to how fast or slow the motor would turn. Unfortunately the motor ABCO uses is a plane DC motor. There is no way for the Arduino to know what position the motor is in or where in a stroke it is at. With no feed back from the motor you will not be able to let the controller know where it is in a stoke. You can duplicate this yourself. But, your going to know what the output is. If you got another person with their back to you with some music playing and let them twist the knob back an forth to the beat of the music it would have the same outcome. That will be exactly what you will get without allowing feed back from the motor to know what it is controlling. It would be similar to having sex with a blind person on anesthesia. The dc motor is the real limitation in the V2000. Not the wireless part. If you just wanted to make it wireless it would be easy. Adding automated speed control needs feed back. Ive already done it trust me. If it was easy, they would have already done it too. If all they needed to do is modify the controller they would have. They would have an advance controller option for +300 bucks or something. The actual problem is the type of motor they use.