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Kevin Wells

There seems to not be a lot of posts to these forums anymore. I think perhaps they have mainly moved to Yahoo forums and the like. Not a bad idea for the manufacturer… but I’d like to see questions like these really discussed in details. I’m nearing the end of the road, and I have been part of many relationships, and two marriages. Part of my life, my very makeup, is the need for sex. Not everyday, not even weekly at times. But it has to happen. If any woman, partner, or whatever, could not even meet me halfway, then this machine/partner is essential – and I wish I had decided earlier to buy it. I’ve tried so many alternatives in synthetic devices, and at times professional partners. Neither were consistent, and of course professional partners added a lot of risk. I had to decide on this, to maintain some sanity, and it works in a way that I did not expect. I thought, or rather feared, that I would be addicted. Guess what? Sexual satisfaction lasts for awhile, sometimes for days, sometimes for a week. I know it’s available, but that knowledge is liberating for me. Now I wait until I cannot resist the urge. Otherwise I have no problem waiting for many days. Anyway, not sure I helped with anything, but that’s me.