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Thanks for your comments on using oils vs water based lubes. I think lube is the most important factor in the overall mix of variables in using Venus. So many users yearn for greater tactile stimulation from the liner, complaining that the rubber liners are too smooth and need ribbing or nodules to increase sensation. This added “texturizaion” of the liners has proved difficult to achieve. I think the same added stimulus can be achieved by trying different lubes and amounts of lube. Using bare minimal amounts of lube increases tactile sensation with the liner. Water based lubes dry out rather quickly in this scenario however. But oil based lubes, used in moderation, will last a long time. The oil based lube will soak into your skin, causing the skin on your penis to become one with the liner. The best sensations are when the skin of your penis (even when circumcised) move up and down, rather than from a lubed up slippery liner simply sliding over your skin without grabbing hold. It’s a fine line but you’ll know when you get it just right.

The prevailing advice on oil based lubes is that they cause the gum rubber liners to deteriorate more quickly, as the oil soaks into the rubber. This may be true, but in my experience, the reduced liner life if minimal and worth it to have more lube choices in your arsenal.