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It’s all about communication. My wife and I have very unbalanced sex drives (apparently a common issue). We’ve been married for many years and I love her deeply but her drive is virtually nil, and mine can be off the charts. We’ve talked about it, and she’s more than fine with me using various solo methods to satisfy my drive. In fact, it has become sort of an inside joke between us. I wish she had more drive, but I’m OK with her just the way she is and am not going to push her into something she’s not comfortable with. That said, I’ve probably spent more on toys over the years than I care to think about. Wish I had been able to purchase Venus sooner…Likely would have saved me a LOT of money. I handle the finances and we don’t really talk about cost but I could see my wife being a little upset from that standpoint if it came up. In your case, it sounds like both points are an issue (both solo sex and the cost of Venus). I would encourage you to just be open and honest. Again, communication is key. I wish you all the best.