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Home Forums General Discussion how long are you able to last? Reply To: how long are you able to last?


I’ve only had my Venus about a month now. In the first few days I could only last about 10 min lol.. Now that I’m settled in I’m having 2 hour plus sessions. Sipping wine and getting the best BJ possible. That seems to be about all I want to last. I vary the speeds quite a bit and when I’m getting close ill turn it down to slow as It can go and the urge goes away. I just keep edging the whole time. its really pretty amazing. The best part is when I hit the 2 hour mark ill just turn up the speed slightly faster then what I can safely maintain without ejaculating and I just try to hold it off.. always without success 🙂
Also in the beginning I would have multiple orgasms after taking a 10 min break. No problem at all.. Now after a 2 hr session I find I’m so satistied theres no need for another. However once I’m tied up and the wife is in control theres no telling how many shell force out 🙂