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Hi Malikebu – I would be happy to help you with ideas. I know how drastic a change in a male’s lifestyle this surgery has. At least for me, there was (and continues to be) a huge emotional impact. Add to that the direction from the Urologist that we need to achieve an erection ‘at least 3 times per week’ increases pressure (and causes discouragement when it becomes such a task).

I don’t mean to be too personal, but are you married? If so, what is your wife’s attitude toward this 3X/week Rx?? I believe support from a spouse is essential to reduce the emotional impact…. just sayin’

As far as the Venus without the liner – I have found that has been a great help. Karen was great in getting me various sized tubes, as when used, I pretty much filled up the original tube. I was afraid that without the liner, the suction tube might force some of the skin in the port (ouch). That actually hasn’t happened, but using the larger tubes seems to be helpful (plus offers a better visual).

I also use the daily Cialis, as well as injections. When we want intercourse, the shot is the only game in town, but to fulfill the Doc’s 3X/week erection requirement, I would not give up my venus….

How I use it – It seems to work a bit better if I can get myself a bit more “chubby”. The seal works better if the shaft is engrossed a little. Also, keeping the pubic hair trimmed is very important (you’re probably used to that if you use manual erection tubes). I let it slowly cycle, removing air, allowing my penis to grow slowly. Once it is as erect as it seems it can get (this varies, I have found – depending on visual stimulation…. good time for the wife to help in that regard) I turn off the motor, and simply let the erection remain for a few minutes. I then let some of the air out (give it a ‘breather’), then repeat. I’ve been told that it should be about a 30 minute exercise.

As far as being enough pressure to create an erection w/o stimulation, the answer is yes – I believe it is sufficient to make my Doc happy, but additional stimulation certainly helps, and actually feels a bit different (better).

How else can I help? Let me know, as I am happy to do so