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Robert here! I wanted to share my experience regarding different liner sizes as a semi new owner of this marvelous toy!
I received; based on my size a 2.38 liner with my Venus. On my first try I almost came in a minute like a teenager but shut it off in time to catch my breath and ponder this unbelievable experience. I was trained well in 21 yrs of marriage to pace myself and last as long as necessary and being divorced I used a popular sleeve product and it was fun but hours of that gave me joint issues and I found Venus!
It wasn’t long using the Venus that I discovered how to play with the settings and now the liner! I tried the Twist reccomendation but that wasn’t a natural feeling to get a firmer stroke and sqeeze! I went to a 2.0 liner thinking a snug fit would be fun. Wrong! I couldn’t get into it even with lube. I like a firm and tight and very wet wrap on my cock but not a death grip! I spoke with Karen at ABCO and she suggested I try a 2.12 and a 2.25 liner and compare. So she sent the liner material to me and I rebuilt 2 receivers and marked the 2.12 on one. We are all different in every way so this is just my version. You may have better or worse results doing what I did! I had not played in 3 days. I put on some good POV Porn and tried out the narrower liner first. I set the stroke at it’s farthest length at 60 strokes per minute; nice and slow to start and of course used enough ABCO supplied lube on my cock and in the liner. I’m sorry if this is long but I’m trying to be thorough in describing my experience knowing full well most of you will be different but hopefully take away something positive from my post. Onward. The 2.12 was tight on my 6.25 girth but not unfriendly! Once underway and very wet I could feel the precum flowing at about 5 minutes in. I then increased the stroke to 72 per minute, using the digital timer on my cell phone. I was in Buzz cock Heaven now! Just orgasm after orgasm, in 5 minutes!! Not to be confused with ejaculation! At 10 minutes I pulled out to get a breather and my cock was just oozing precum! The heat of friction just made it shiny and purple with clear fluid coming out. OK, I applied more lube to my cock and went back in and decreased the stroke down to 60 again thinking it’s a safe level but after two or three minutes I was ready to cum and stopped. I had to be ready for the next receiver and didn’t want to finish. I know, I was in an altered state and very tingly and wet but I took a 10 min. water and face wash break and returned. So as far as the 2.12 liner goes; it appears for now at least, long strokes at 50-60 SPM and I could probably go 1/2 an hour, maybe, until a relube and speed up. Short fast and slow strokes testing is for another time. This is all just basic and same parameters! The 2nd liner as I said is 2.25, not much difference to the eye but there is a difference! As before, I lubed up my cock and the new liner and watching a similar POV movie, I set the stroke at 60 Strokes per minute with the long stroke setting on the Venus! I must add here, the Venus as most of you must surely know is a wonderful and very satisfying device. I am so happy I purchased it! As I started the Venus the slightly larger size was immediately different in that it was still tighter than my original 2.38, it was very firm and comfortable for the full length of my cock! It glided to it’s end in the receiver very smoothly and a bit more quickly. This made me think I’m going to cum soon but I hadn’t got the familiar waves and throbbing as I enjoy so much; but instead of the tight wet thrusting and sucking pressure the 2.12 gave, it was more like a semi firm wet grip gliding over my shaft like a tight silk scarf and reminding me of a nice warm and silky hand job with an occasional suck on the upstroke that tingled and squeezed my head. I was at 10 minutes now at 60 SPM and increased it to 90 SPM and there it is! That feeling of precum just starting to come out and reduce the friction and begin the tingling and throbbing but not close to cumming at all. Flexing my Kegals and pinching my nipples made me appreciate the full effect of the Venus because so many things can come to the party if you try and make it last awhile. I love the edging and the Venus makes it possible for me to discover more things about it and me every time I use it! I stayed at 90 for about 15 minutes and the last 5 minutes were just dripping orgasms. Again I pulled outrest a minute and see the precum because until the Venus, I never noticed very much precum at all. Now it’s the precursor to ‘good things are cumming’! I digress. I catch my breath and have some more water, (keep plenty of fresh water nearby), I notice I get a little dehydrated using the Venus! I return and insert after lubing my cock again with plenty of lube now because I think I may cum if there’s too much friction as I’m feeling really sensitive and orgasmic now. For the sake of the test, I’m just going to go the distance and see what my stamina is with this new liner. My balls are pretty swollen now! I’m in and I do reduce the stroke to just the first 2-3 inches of my cock at 60 SPM! The strokes are shorter, faster and it feels a tad tighter and very wet and sloppy with the extra lube like a good blowjob. I’m really liking the tenderness of my tingling Frenulum getting rubbed by the liner like there was a nub on it. Just amazing and giving me more wavy orgasms! I keep this up, looking at my clock for about 5 minutes and double the short strokes to 120 SPM! This is my goal speed but I won’t last long going this quick because the rhythm is so sexy and massage like that I can’t stand it for long and I was right. at roughly 4 minutes at 120 my knees were getting weak as I was standing next to my bed(always a good idea to plan your fall if you have one)and I could feel the slow vibrating build up to release and just having my dick in the receiver on a pillow on the bed and hands free, it stroked away until I fell forward on my face and came and came until I had nothing left, and turned my lovely Venus off and just rested, breathing hard and spent. I believe I will continue to have both sizes from now on. They both have their attributes! The 2.38 just wasn’t right for me and that’s why I experiment and fine tune stuff! The 2.12 is superb for quick sessions or training sessions, which I think I need and the 2.25 is good for a little more lengthy session with some adjustable wild edging capability! Thank you for reading this and I wish you all many exciting discoveries and experiences with your Venus