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Home Forums General Discussion What is the best lube to use? Reply To: What is the best lube to use?


The consensus of opinion use to be that any non water based lube would deteriorate the rubber liner material more quickly, so it was not recommended to use olive oil, mineral oil, baby oil, etc, even silicone lubes. For the most part I’ve stuck with ID Glide and agree with everyone else it is about the best. But there have been occasions that I have used oil based or silicone based and I think if you wash out the liner afterwards any deteriorating effects of the non water based products is minimal. No matter what you do your liners will eventually wear out and need replacing, but they last a long time.

I always try not to overdo it with lube however as too much lube inevitably leads to the plugging up of the end cap valve. Also I have found that limiting lube creates a more “tactile” or mildly abrasive feeling that is more stimulating than sloshing around in a sea of lube. I like my liner to mildly “grip” the skin of my penis and actually move the skin up and down, not just slide over it as too much lube will cause to occur. It is a delicate balance to get just the right amount.

Lately I have been diluting my ID Glide with about 10% water and find that the slightly less viscous lube allows me to use less and create the more tactile feeling I like. I also seems to reduce valve plugging a bit. The type and amount of lube you use has an huge impact on how your Venus feels and performs.