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Scott Cruickshank

You set it right, use lots of lube, it will go 6 inches in both directions. Way further than the A-10 or any of those hand held auto this or that jobs. Nothing else could possibly match it, except for the Robojac which is the same sort of machine. The original one actually. At higher speeds the receiver tends to fly off a little more often so you have to keep the suction higher to make the strokes shorter. It’s probably a function of momentum. What goes up fast, has to stop fast and reverse direction too. You won’t want to use it at top speed anyway. It’s not near as good as it is at low to mid speeds.

The one-way breather valve is in the end cap. That thing has to stay open and in order for the Venus to function properly. The problem is that lube gets in the valve and all that fast rushing air dries it out and sticks it shut like it’s glued, sometimes in mere moments. That’s what the sponge is for. So lube can’t get to that valve and plug it up. You’ll see it when you get it. Cut the round disk out of some light sponge, shove it just under the cap, and that problem goes away. That’s something you pretty well have to do.

I don’t remember the name of that thing, but it’s a dual head percussion job, and it pounds hard. I got so used to the bone shaking job that thing dishes out that I could hardly feel the Cobra. I used it one time, left it on about 20 minutes and went through the pulse patterns over and over trying to find a powerful one. I had to give up and complete the job the old fashioned way. I bet that thing is great for most people, but I need a rough ride. I have a flashlight I’ve only used once too. Same general problem. The Tenga Spiral is way better, pleasantly rough inside and a little stiffer material. I’d recommend one of those before the Fleshlight any day.

I wish the Venus was just a bit rougher in the stimulation department, but I’m not complaining too much. I’ve rigged up slightly rougher surface and I’m happy with it. Even if you’re the same as me, you’ll still like it no matter what. I used to like to go zero to 60 just as fast as is possible. Now I actually like stretching it out a little bit. The Venus just feels so very good, I find I’m not in quite so much of a hurry anymore. You’ll like this thing, I have no doubt.