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Scott Cruickshank

I have most of those too. The only one any good, that I still use regularly, is the percussion massager. I think it was a Sunbeam. The name wore off years ago. I bet it’s 10 years old, and I don’t don’t I’ve used it 10,000 times. Still do regularly. The Venus is still better. But sometimes I don’t feel like taking the time to set it up even though it’s all of about a minute. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting all covered with lube, or haven’t got the time for it. You might not use it as often as what you might think, but when you do, you’ll be glad you spent the money.

Read up on the threads while you wait. The thing takes a bit of fine tuning to get it running right. Having some idea how to work the air box before you get it will put you a step ahead on the learning curve. If you understand what the air box does, you’ll have an easy time. Air Out makes the unit suck tighter and harder, but also makes the stroke length shorter. Too tight and it won’t stroke at all. Air In makes the stroke longer but it doesn’t suck quite as tight. Too loose and it’ll keep blowing itself right off. You always want to be somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. If you can wrap your mind around what’s happening air flow wise you’ll have a much easier time getting the hang of it. It would have been better if they had labelled it, SUCK MORE/SUCK LESS. Air in/out doesn’t really tell you anything. Even after all this time sometimes I find myself sitting there wondering which button I should push. Air In makes it suck harder…. no wait… wait maybe… yeah that’s right. Recently I have put a piece of tape on my box and used a marker to label the buttons, “harder”/ “less”. You should do the same as soon as you get it. And read this thread in particular. The design has one big flaw, but it can easily be fixed. Get the stuff you need, make the simple modification before you even get started.

If you have trouble post it here, somebody will figure it out.