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I was interested enough in your trick to try it. Bought Trojan UltraRibbed (lubricated) in grocery store. Washed in plain water. Pulled thru liner and over top, put endcap over it. At mouth put my mouth-extender (just a ring of liner material) over the condom to hold it on. I expected trouble keeping it on, didn’t seem to have any. UNTIL I went to disassemble afterwards to clean up. Removed end cap carefully to not disturb the condom. Lo and behold condom was GONE! I have not found it to date. ?????
Now two questions: where did you post your picture to use that link to call it? And what is that THING on the mouth of your receiver? I guess it’s what I call the ‘mouth extender’ but much more ornate than mine.
I will try the condom trick again soon and report back.Will wash condom with alcohol next time, the lube is persistent.
My favorite trick is to use O ring, size#326 on mouth of a 2″ receiver before pulling liner over it. Keeps you in better. I also usually use doubled-over constrictor (that’s the liner-piece that goes on before the liner) and put a right-sized (for me) O ring in that to make a tight entrance