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Hey, that sounds like a good idea. I’m not exactly built like a horse, but it just seems a bit snug. Standard size condoms have always been a comfortable size fit for me as a reference. I think I’ll give the 2 1/8″ a try, and maybe a 2 1/4″ to play with as well, and a 2 valve cap. I made a neat mod for one of my Fleshlights, I prefer the smaller Turbo clear ice liner, wow! The end cap didn’t have a good 2-way breather valve, so I drilled a 1/8″ hole in the cap, made a flap valve from a square of condom latex held in place on the cap end by waterproof gorilla tape (cum, lube and all won’t get this off!) It worked superbly! Instant suction on the backstroke and breathes out as you thrust back in. Almost can’t pull yourself out it’s that effective! The sponge to absorb precum ahead of the valves is a great idea, and the peppermint oil sounds very stimulating. I have a way to cut it in a thin, round disc to fit inside the receiver, I’ll make one and upload it soon, see how it goes. I really appreciate your sharing your experiences and creative ideas, we all benefit together!