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Hey new user,I know your excitement.I have had my Venus for 8 years and use it daily.I have had NO problems at all with any part of venus.Normal usage you need to rebuild the receiver after 50 plus sessions.It takes me about 5 minutes to rebuild. I ordered my venus right after watching the demo video.I got really hard just watching the video. The day I got venus I right away set it up and slid my already very hard cock into the receiver and turned on venus to a slow stroke speed. I immediately felt like I was going to cum.It must have been the anticipation. After 3 minutes I let myself cum,it was the best orgasm that I ever had. I finished but was still very hard so I just left my cock in the receiver and started up again, then I had to come once more,again a very nice orgasm. I was through for a while. I kept thinking about the venus and what it did to me and got very hard again,I got into the receiver and started up once more.I quickly had to cum and let it happen.I kept this up for days.even now as I think about it I get hard. I am hard right now from just explaining the venus. I will slip into venus and let it make me cum. I don’t think that you will be at all disappointed. Once venus makes you get hard and you cum you will not want to stop. I use mine daily and never get bored. I will be getting into my venus in a few minutes. Good luck with your venus.If you have any questions feel free to contact me at