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Nevermind. I never knew that a pneumatic pulsator pulses very rapidly, which is not what I want. The venus2000 can actually stroke my cock hands-free, which is not possible with that homemade milker hooked to a hoover like I planned to make as I must control the vacuum pressure with my hands or otherwise, my penis will hurt from too much vacuum. On top of that, this method will not work anyways as you need a liner in order for a male penis milking machine to be made. A penis pump does not have a liner and the stand-alone pulsator will not have the correct ratio and pulse length to make the enlargement pump to slowly stroke up and down like the Venus200 will and like my old pump did when controlling the hands-free stroking from my mouth. Honestly,I do feel that the intense orgasm that made the ejactulation/climax pulse to the beat of my own sucking&blowing is very similar to what I would feel with a venus200. I truly feel that the method I used was still considered “milking”, but the ingredients I was planning on are no longer optional. My only choice is to get a Venus200 or something similar that’s over $20. Sadly, I have no ability to afford something that expensive as I am fully broke and poor with only $80. Investing? Nope.

Well, my question has been answered and I am leaving the forums. Have a great day.