My Machine Is Not as Fast as Others - Why? - Venus for Men by Sybian

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    I also posted this in “Ask Karen” section, but I have a feeling I might have better luck here.

    So I have had my Venus for a few years now and I love it. I recently watched a few videos of other Venus machines in action and one thing I did notice is that a couple of these machines seemed SO FAST ; like twice as fast as mine! (The videos were not sped up either)

    So, my question is…. are the newer machines faster for some reason? If not, what is wrong with my Venus? ?

    I have tried different endcaps, shorter hose… nothing helps.



    No clue on other machines Bill but cranked up to full speed mine is just a blur, which I don’t find enjoyable at all. I like to run it real slow, sometimes to the point of concern of overheating the motor. My machines is about 3 years old with a lot of long uses during the winter when I have time on my hands.



    I LOVE it fast and to know that mine is slower than all the others… makes me really sad… 🙁 🙁


    George P

    Make sure you are not using the 220V setup with 120V. Did that accidentally and it was doing exactly what you are talking about. About half the speed. Just use a regular 120V cord and NOT the 220V adapter cord that comes with your machine.



    Your voltage should be fine I would think if everything is working correctly. If you live in America, your Venus was shipped to you with a 120v cord. The current circuit board being used inside the machines is an auto converting board so 120 or 240 depending on the mains (in America yours should be 120v)

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