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    • Decoding the Venus attachments
      What do the numbers mean on the side of a Venus 2000 for men attachment?   Example: 200-060-200   The first set of three digits represents the Housing Diameter: 200 = 2.00” Diameter   The second set of three is the Housing Length 060 = 6.0” Length   The third set of three is the liner material used: 200 = 2.00” Liner -----------------------------------------------------------------------------   Housings Diameters 200 = 2.00” 250 = 2.50” 300 = 3.00”   Housing Lengths 030 = 3.0” 060 = 6.0” 065 = 6.5” 070 = 7.0” 080 = 8.0” 090 = 9.0” 100 = 10.0” (Housings can be any length over 3”)   Liner Materials 162 = 1.62” 175 = 1.75” 188 = 1.88” 200 = 2.00” 212 = 2.12” 225 = 2.25” 238 = 2.38” 250 = 2.50” 300 = 3.00”
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    • March 2016 – Home Assembly tool

      The debut of the Venus 2000 Home Assembly tool

      Just got one of the new assembly tools from ABCO and thought I'd give a report to you guys.  I've always struggled a bit in building receivers and felt like I needed a third hand or some sort of clamp to hold the cylinder in place while I stretched the liner material over it.  I even tried to make my own clamp with parts from Home Depot, but never had much luck.  Mostly I just held the cylinder tightly between my knees and went from there.  Usually it has been a hassle, and usually after getting one done I needed to make some tweaks to get everything centered and stretched just right.  This tweaking often ended up causing me to need to just start all over again.

      I can report that this tool is the perfect solution, a "third hand" if you will.  It is solidly built, clamps tightly on my desk top (has a rubber pad where it clamps on top, and rubber tubing covering the metal underneath so can't damage the surface you clamp it onto) and after a brief learning curve, I turned out an absolutely perfect new receiver.  What I especially like about it is the "tweaking" part, after you get the liner seated but need to center it a bit or stretch it more here, or less there.  It anchors the cylinder solidly so your two free hands can work together to stretch and manipulate as you like.  I feel like I could crank out receivers one after another all day with this.

      I also rebuilt a head massager that I hadn't been able to use in years.  I find head massagers especially challenging to build because they are so short.  This assembly tool made it much easier, and I even included a little textured silicone sleeve inside to add stimulation.  This would have been a nightmare to put together without this tool.

      This is a great new convenience for all Venus owners and for me makes it possible to have a larger variety of receivers since they're now so easy to build.  Makes for easier experimentation too and it seems I am almost always tinkering around with some sort of new type receiver.  Most are failures, but at least they're easier to build now. 

      This accepts both 2" (with enclosed adapter) and 2.5" cylinders.  Be sure to watch the video Abco posted. https://venusformen.com/shop/venus-assembly-tool/

      (Via Montoya the yahoo group moderator) 

      Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.11.02 PM

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    • Ask Karen
      This is the place to ask Karen, a 20 year veteran of the company. She can answer any question you have about Venus from cost to sizing to mechanics.
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