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Venus for Men is for “personal use only”; not for commercial use in any fashion without the express written consent of Abco Research Associates. Venus for Men cannot be used for Commercial Gain without remuneration to Abco Research Associates.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with your Venus, you may return it within 45 days from the date of delivery. Before returning your Venus for any reason, you must contact us by email or phone for a return authorization number.
  • There is a $186.00 return fee and the original shipping charges are non-refundable. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. 

Beyond the Venus Package, any additional parts and accessories purchased are refundable only if unopened.
  • Do not return any opened parts, hoses and/or lubricant. We do not refund parts orders.


International Customers

  • You are responsible for taxes, duties and brokerage fees charged by your country at your end. (UPS will act as your broker.) If you choose another broker other than UPS, you may incur higher fees.
  • Small parts orders sent by the United States Postal Service and delivered OUTSIDE the USA may also incur fees from your country when they are delivered. These can include but may not be limited to taxes, duties, or other customs fees and are based upon the value of the contents.
  • If you decide you do not want the Venus while it is in transit, a refusal does NOT entitle you to a full refund.


For UPS Ground:

  • Delivered but unopened (you pay return shipping) we charge a $60.00 reboxing fee.
 Shipped but refused, we charge a $60.00 reboxing fee and the return shipping fee charged by UPS.


UPS Expedited Services:

  • We do not refund your outbound shipping choice. Delivered but unopened (you pay return shipping) we charge a $60.00 reboxing fee.
 IF YOU REFUSE an expedited shipping service, UPS will return the box back to Abco using the same Expedited service. You will be charged the return shipping fee along with a $60.00 reboxing fee.


For International shipments:

  • Refusal of a shipment in transit: Abco reserves the right to charge for shipping fees in both directions and any fees that your country has imposed upon the shipment, along with a $60.00 reboxing fee.
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Returning a Unit:

  • Instructions will be provided to you as what to return and how to pack the items. Failure to follow those directions can result in damage to the product, should damage occur Abco reserves the right to charge for repair or replacement at our discretion.
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