Use the Receiver for hands-free masturbation and create the sensation of a well-lubed partner. The receiver can be used with or without an erection as part of the Venus machine or with an erection by hand. Measurements are required unless already on file.


1 custom receiver is included in the Venus Package.
Additional receivers are $25 if ordered at the same time as a Venus Package.

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This is the primary Venus attachment, a stroking device for manual or automated use.


All Venus attachments are custom-built for you based on the measurements you provide. A clear acrylic housing is fitted with dry natural rubber liner which creates a seal or hugs and massages the penis. Our liner material is a dry natural rubber and is manufactured in a way that essentially eliminates the ingredients that cause allergies.


If you are ordering a second receiver with your Venus Package and would like a different size, please let us know if the notes section during checkout.