Head/Nipple Massager Set


A discounted set of massagers for erotic foreplay.

$50 if ordered at the same time as a Venus Package.

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Two Head/Nipple Massagers with a ‘T’ connection and necessary hose so they may be used at the same time.


Nipple massagers may be used on males or females to stimulate nipples and breasts with squeeze-release action. These can also be configured to create a suction action similar to the Pump. Purchase a pair and we will provide a “T” connector and two 12” lengths of large hose. The Venus machine is required for use and measurements are required unless already on file.


All Venus attachments are custom-built for you based on the measurements you provide. A clear acrylic housing is fitted with dry natural rubber liner which creates a seal or hugs and massages the penis. Our liner material is a dry natural rubber and is manufactured in a way that essentially eliminates the ingredients that cause allergies.