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Home Forums Trouble Shooting My Venus from causes the lights to flicker… Reply To: My Venus from causes the lights to flicker…


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don’t think the problem is that simple. I have absolutely no issues with other high current 110V appliances, including toaster ovens, microwaves, stand mixers, irons, blenders, etc. If there were an issue with my neutral connection, those would impact the voltage balance between phases even more dramatically than the Venus and yet they have no noticeable effect. Since the problem only affects dimmed lights, not lights at full brightness (even if they are being controlled by a dimmer), I suspect that the motor controller in the Venus may have a problem with high-frequency conducted emissions that are interfering with the electronics in the dimmers. My main reason for asking if others have experienced similar issues is to determine if this problem is a systemic design flaw in Venus, or unique to my unit.