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Home Forums General Discussion 2 years after getting rid of mine, I bought another Reply To: 2 years after getting rid of mine, I bought another


That’s awesome Adam and congratulations on your graduation and new career.
I’ve had mine for a very long time now. I used to have an exceptionally high paying job that required me to work rotationally about a 1000 miles (~1600km) from my home. I would get lonely when I was gone for these extended periods so I bought one of these to ease the ‘tension’. There is no way in hell I was going to engage in extra-marital activity as I love my wife and value our relationship. It’s one of the best personal purchases I’ve ever made. My wife has her toys too:-)
Anyway, I’ve done a lot of experimenting with this thing. I have liner options which are astonishingly incredible. It’s so close to the real thing that it’s ridiculous. I’ll post these here in the near future.

I also found a way to turn this thing into a system that will provide a prostate massage while at the same time giving a blow job as it’s designed.
That is truly mind bending. It’s something that my wife insists doing to me once a week for health reason, according her. I’ll go with that:-) But I figured out how to make this machine do it too for long away times. I’ll post that to. It’s truly awesome.

Lastly, this thing will help ease the ‘tension’ and perhaps allow you to make good choices for the personal relationships that you may seek to enter.