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Home Forums Advanced Users Easy fix for sticky end cap valves Reply To: Easy fix for sticky end cap valves

Scott Cruickshank

The end cap is necessary to get the stroking motion. The cap has to breathe through the valve or you get pop offs, that’s a term you’ll see all over this forum. It means that you were going along nice and the receiver flew off. It’s a real drag. You have to pick it up off the floor, jam it back on and hope it doesn’t happen again. You have to have the cap with the valve or it won’t work properly.

Anyway, the double valve does work better if you like to run at high speed. It lets the air out quicker and prevents a lot of pop off problems when running near the top end of the speed range. Some people like the double valve because with two, one can get one stuck and the other one is still open, but you can cure that just with the piece of sponge or even kleenex as somebody suggested above. And I think for some of the wider diameter receivers for guys who are really thick and/or long, it works better with a double for increased air flow.

A note on speed, one of the reasons why you might want a double vent cap. When you order a Venus you imagine you’re going to run it full blast all the time. Like what could be better than that you’d think. When you get it and try it, you find out it’s way more pleasurable to run it at 1/4 or 1/3 speed. You try it once at full out, and you probably never do it again. Almost everybody who has one will tell you that. I’m sure you’ll find out the same as we all did. I’d say there’s a 98% chance you won’t need or want one. You can always order one later if you do.