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Hi David, Maybe I can help a little.. I’ve had my setup for a few months I guess now and I use the pump before every session for a good 20 min or so at least 3-4 days a week. Ive never used a dedicated penis pump however I can say the venus pump is very enjoyable and gives great feeling. I’m not sure I’ve used the pump long enough to notice any size results however after about 20 min of use I notce very nice swelling with the head being noticibly bigger. That’s about all I’m looking for to get things started.
As far as pump size is concerned I would go with something at least an inch longer that your penis size and give plenty of room in width. I use an 8 inch receiver for my 7.75 inch penis and that is absolutely perfect. I was given an 8 inch pump with the same width as my receiver and honestly I wish Abco sent something a little bigger because I’m hitting the endcap while using the pump and also getting chaffing on the sides. I need like a 9 inch to be comfortable and another half inch at least in diameter.
Point is, give yourself some room with the pump and youll be happy!

enjoy and good luck!