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Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try. I have deserted the nerve pills I discovered, they just cost too much to take on a level they give results. (they still keep phoning me and sending mail, must be a helluva markup on them if they can afford to do that). I’ve tried various B12 combinations but none work as well as those pills. I suspect the regular B12 doesn’t stay in the blood beyond a certain level. Perhaps those nerve pills keep it around longer.
Since then I’ve tried a new prostate massage toy, the Lelo Hugo.

VERY pricey. But in combination with the Venus it forces an orgasm eventually. The 2 real plusses of this toy are its remote control and its very powerful motors. And a very aggressively angled prostate probe. In that regard it is not real comfortable to sit on if you have BPH. I found a short session with an inflatable prior to using helps relieve that.